Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions

We are firm believers that everything in nature was created with a purpose. However, at times certain creatures may be in places that we find unpleasant or in such abundance that they become a hazard. We utilize an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to remove insects and rodents from places they shouldn’t be, or to reduce their populations to a more appropriate level.  

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Pest control Services:

     House Perimeter Sprays

     Tree & Shrub Sprays

     Rodent Control 

Tree Trimming

House Perimeter Applications

We all look forward to beautiful, warm spring days, but as everything warms up, those pesky insects and spiders start emerging from their winter sleep and buzzing and moving around. That’s why we time our first house perimeter applications for early spring to create a barrier around your home to keep you from being invaded with bugs. As we go through the season, we will return every 6-8 weeks to maintain that barrier.

Tree & Shrub Pest Control

If they are not properly cared for, diseases brought by insects and other conditions can have harmful and sometimes fatal effects on your trees and shrubs. Additionally, sap from aphid populations or webs from spider populations can have a negative effect on the aesthetics and utility of your green investments. We utilize properly timed sprays and injections to prevent damaging insect colonies.

Rodent Control

Living with the beautiful farmland around us is one of the great advantages to life in Central Washington, but one of the downsides of farmland is the abundance of Meadow Voles that are associated with it. Household mice and rats can also create problems in our homes. We utilize various control methods to decrease the populations when they are overwhelming your property.